Waiting list for kittens

Sometimes people are looking for a specific color, gender or quality. We have created a waiting list to help better understand your waiting time. The more flexible a family is the less wait time they will have.  Names in RED have paid deposits and will always have first option in order of deposit. Yellow is Paid in Full with a choice to wait for what they are wanting and/or awaiting a replacement kitten as our kittens are genetically guaranteed and retains first option.  GREEN is Covid cancellations due to travel restrictions. These people have had kittens rehomed and will have priority, however they are generally waiting on show/breed quality




For serious buyers only, people on this paid waiting list have made the decision that they want one of our kittens, and will wait till their kitten is born and ready. We will get in touch with these people as the kittens are born. Picks not made in the spring , will be transferred down into the fall lists. 


Once we have kitten born for people their names are removed from the lists to avoid confusion of waiting time.


Blues will be available in fall only 


     Bi color list 

    1. Sandra K - bi color

    2. Veronika - bi color ( male ) 

    3. Suzy - show ( fall or male ) 

    4. Kidy - Show

    Mitted/Point List

    1. Susan



    Red/Tortie Mitted/Bi color List

    1. Mark

    2. Siuri

    3. XuE

    4. Grace - Show Red Bi color

    5. Jenny Flame Bi color ( or blue lynx bicolor )  




    1.Michelle - Show

    2. Hugo ( blue point or seal bi color ) 




    2. Julia  not seal mitted