Waiting list for kittens

Sometimes people are looking for a specific color, gender or quality. We have created a waiting list to help better understand your waiting time. The more flexible a family is the less wait time they will have.  Names in RED have paid deposits and will always have first option in order of deposit. Yellow is Paid in Full with a choice to wait for what they are wanting and/or awaiting a replacement kitten as our kittens are genetically guaranteed and retains first option.  GREEN is Covid cancellations due to travel restrictions. These people have had kittens rehomed and will have priority, however they are generally waiting on show/breed quality

Since our waiting lists have caused some confusion, We have updated our waiting list to only show people in ONTARIO as that is currently the only place we can send kittens home due to Covid- 19 Travel restrictions. 

If your name is missing from here please message us and don't worry, we have a copy of our current list and everyone is still in priority when border restrictions are lifted! 







1. Nawsheen 

2. Dei Mei ( mango red boy ) 






1. Junyi - female seal bi color or seal mitt no restriction to lynx - usa

2. May Wu - bi color  ( ontario )

3. Marsha - ( ontario )

4. Sarephine -  blue lynx bi color boy ( ontario )

5. Mary- Ann ( ollie)  - female ( ontario )

6. Haonan -( ontario )

7. Feiyi -( ontario ) seal or seal lynx bi color

8. Mengxi ( ontario  )