In our home we breed selectively, with most of our kittens being reserved before they are born. Every litter is bred with the intent to produce Ragdolls that conform as closely as possible to breed standards. Quality is not something we will sacrifice for quantity.  If not adopting from us, please Make sure kittens parents have been DNA Tested for HCM. Registration papers for kittens are what prove the Litters are Actually the Breed You are adopting and not a Mix of another breed.  

We have chosen to specialize in Bi-color and Mitted Ragdolls because of their unique individuality, no two bi-colors are alike in their striking Beauty.  

Upon leaving our home your kitten will have had 2 sets of core vaccinations, dewormed no less than 2 times, Spayed or Neutered, A health exam and certificate. You will receive a registration slip for TICA .  

Your kitten will leave our home with a Starter bag of Kitten food, Toys, a New Kitten Booklet, Cat carrier, veterinary Record, and a 2 year Health Guarantee against congenital defects.  

 Your kitten must be kept as an indoor only pet unless provided an enclosed Space. Ragdolls are very trusting and can get themselves into a lot of trouble outside such as going home with a new friend, or being stuck by a car while walking to greet someone new. Exposure to Germs from strays is also a Big Cause for Concern with outdoor play. Our Kittens are socialized with our 6 kids, other cats, and our Great Dane. They are ready to go to their new homes at approximately 12 weeks of age.  

We may occasionally have show alter kittens available. The difference between a "show quality" or "show alter" kitten verses a "pet quality" kitten is generally in the markings/pattern. A show quality kitten is perfectly marked, where as a pet quality kitten may have a minor hock spot, an uneven blaze, or mismatched mittens. These kittens are just as beautiful and wonderful as their show quality litter mates, but due to the minor cosmetic fault, they cannot be shown. Due to the great challenge in breeding a perfectly marked show kitten, we reserve the right to retain any kittens with show potential. Pet quality kittens are placed in homes first.  
Show quality kittens with breeding rights are available only to carefully screened, Established Registered Catteries.  

We do have a wait list, it is kept in chronological order and we only take a few names per litter. I request a $500.00, non-refundable deposit to HOLD your kitten. If I have a kitten become available from a current litter the next person on the wait list will have the choice to take the available kitten, or remain on the waiting list for the next available litter.  

Please send us an Email at telling us about your home, family members & other pets, along with any questions you may have about our kittens or adoption policies.  

This will help us to Best Match you up with one of our Kittens.  

 Please do not use plastic bowls and food dishes. Steel  Or ceramic is best and does not contribute to chin acne in cats.