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Hello, We are TICA/CCA/CFA registered ragdoll cat breeders. We strive to maintain a healthy, small ragdoll cattery in Southwestern Ontario Just 10 minutes from the Detroit Michigan Border. We are very proud to say that we are a cageless cattery raising our ragdoll cats and kittens underfoot, We take great pride raising sociable purebred registered ragdoll Kittens. Our blue eyed ragdoll cat’s and ragdoll kittens are handled carefully with love from the time they are born till the time they leave. They are raised with our children as well as regular guests. We also have our friends Golden retriever come to meet the kittens and expose them to a well manners dog ( until we get a new pup of our own )   They get free roam of our house by 10 weeks and taught from a young age that scratching furniture is inappropriate. When our ragdoll kittens leave here they are well adjusted, Confident, floppy and lovable ragdolls. Our main priority is to raise kittens who have amazing ragdoll temperaments and are healthy. 

 Our ragdolls are bred in traditional colors of Blue, Seal, Cream and Flame. 

We breed patterns in bi color, mitted and pointed. Lynx and non lynx.

Registered Show quality ragdoll cats and kittens are available 

show quality ragdoll kittens available


Kittens time line

This may not be for everyone but this is what works for us, as well as many other catteries to ensure our kittens safety and heath. Without having to use cages. 

 Doing it this way has never caused us any problems with socialization. It has also ensured the quality of life amongst humans in the house as well as the cats and kittens.  

Newborn - 5 weeks -Kittens are in their nest with their mom, in a room SHE chooses. Each of our moms have different spaces and people who made them feel more safe with their new litters. Trying to interfere with their wants is only asking for trouble, as they will continue to move their babies where they want them. She is free to come or go as she pleases. Bedding is changed in the nest daily

6 weeks - 8  kittens are given a large 8 x 10 pen in one of our living rooms or bedrooms.  Again Moms are free to come and go as they please. This ensures a larger and safe place for the kittens. This aids in proper litter training (they would go anywhere and every where if not given a smaller area). This is also helpful in letting the kittens have interaction while not finding themselves in dangerous situations. At this age the kittens brain is not developed enough to understand basic danger. He does NOT have any idea about what height is, nor their limits. They will try to jump 10 feet if given the opportunity just to land 20 inches. They will eat everything and anything. They really are like a toddler human. 

These areas all have cameras set up to watch the kittens, litter boxes etc. This helps us see when/if someone is not feeling well, and / or watching to see how the kittens are interacting with each other, when we are not around. 

P.s we are a family of 8, there is almost always someone around! 

8-10 weeks - Kittens are now vaccinated and built some immunity. Their stools have been tested.  Kittens at this age are allowed to run around and play with supervision. They are taught about the scary stairs and the dangers, taught cords are not to be chewed and furniture not to be scratched. 


10 - 12 weeks - Our kittens have full run of the house. This is when they can interact with other litters - if we have one who are just about to go home! 

We still like to lock them up in our bedrooms ( with humans)  at night though. They are still young and still need some supervision. 


If you see this image online please send us the link where you saw it as no one had permission to use it nor are they giving photo credit. Photo Credit Courtney Ohemgee Cattery

We can be reached at Omgcattery@gmail.com

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